Flexible and affordable solutions designed for todays busy small businesses

Flexible and affordable solutions designed for todays busy small businesses

Flexible and affordable solutions designed for todays busy small businessesFlexible and affordable solutions designed for todays busy small businessesFlexible and affordable solutions designed for todays busy small businesses

Why use a bookkeeper

HMRC Tax returns

Keeping good financial records for the purposes of submitting a tax return, whether you are a individual or as a business or both, is required by law.  Managing this yourself can be overwhelming and time consuming. A bookkeeper provides support and training or can take away the entire burden of it all. It's entirely up to you! 

Saves you money

Bookkeepers are great value. They are considerably cheaper than Accountants and they are experts in managing your day-to-day finances. If you charge £30 an hour and a bookkeeper charges £20 per hour and they can do the same work in half the time that you can, why wouldn't you have a bookkeeper? It doesn't make sense to pay Accountancy fees for bookkeeping with fees typically ranging from £70 to £120 per hour.

Improves your decision making

You will find it much easier to make important business decisions if you have good financial record keeping. Knowing how much capital you can help you decide on matters like purchasing stock or hiring short term staff for example. If your records show you are running low on capital, you may need to take out a loan or arrange to invest some capital.

Find you the right Accountant (or work closely with the one you have)

Not all Accountants are equal nor right for your business. You could also be spending a lot more than necessary choosing the wrong Accountant, especially if they do your bookkeeping in addition to your tax returns. We can help ask the right questions and negotiate better fees. We also work together behind the scenes with your chosen or existing Accountant to provide a full compliment of services you need. 

Help you become digitally compliant using XERO software at reduced subscriptions

MTD legislation being rolled out from April 2019 means you will need to submit returns digitally via compliant software. 

As a XERO Partner, we have access to significantly reduced subscriptions that are not available to the general public, starting from as little as £2 + vat per month

Have more time to run your business

Your time is precise. Don't waste it on invoice pushing and receipt shuffling! Focus your time on your business and family, not its administration. You can be involved as little or as often as you wish. It's up to you. 

Helps you know your financial position

Having up-to-date financial records provides you with crucial information, essential for the smooth running of your business.  All outstanding bills, income information for example, will be at your fingertips.

Set up and provide useful financial reports

Get the insight you need to grow your business with interactive and fully customisable real time financial reports. Keep track of budget and compare financial performance over different periods. 

Manage your business from your mobile

Prefer to manage your expenses over a coffee, on the train or even from your bed? We can set you up and train you if needed, to use simply to use applications which allow you to capture and manage expenses from anywhere at any time

Makes problem solving is a lot easier

With good financial records, you can catch problems early and solve them before they get worse. For example, you can identify fraudulent activity and report it before it does irreparable damage to your business. 

Manage your filing digitally

Storage takes up precious space and it can be expensive to outsource. And who really wants to spend time filing invoices and receipts which just wastes time and money?   We have a no-extra cost secure solution for all your filing!

Get paid FASTER

The more ways you give your customers to pay their invoices, the less time you'll need spending chasing payment! We can set up automated payments or reminders, direct debits and a variety of alternative methods of payment such as GoCardless, Paypal and Stripe. For those times a little chasing is required, we offer credit control services too!